Criticism Greatly Distresses Antelopes – Viola Mnemonic A4 or A5 print


A4 or A5 print of “Criticism Greatly Distresses Antelopes” from the Viola String Mnemonics series.



A4 or A5 print featuring “Criticism Greatly Distresses Antelopes” design.

A print of my illustration on 160 gsm paper.

Why would I illustrate the phrase “Criticism Greatly Distresses Antelopes”, you may be asking?
The answer is: I’m a viola player. The strings on the viola are C, G, D and A. In order to help people remember this, I’ve illustrated some phrases using words that begin with C, G, D and A. Such phrases are known as mnemonics.

Unfortunately, as I mentioned, I’m a viola player. So some of the phrases aren’t actually that memorable.

But luckily I’ve made 6 different ones so you can pick the one that you think will be the most helpful, or, more likely, you think is funniest or least memorable, because in that way you can make a Viola Joke. See all of the others here.

Please note: these prints are trimmed, so the printed area is slightly smaller than A4 or A5.

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A4, A5