Awkwardness Dragon – A6 greetings card


“Awkwardness Dragon” design on A6 recycled kraft greetings card. Comes with a matching kraft envelope.


A6 greetings card featuring “Awkwardness Dragon” design.

Awkwardness happens a lot. But we often don’t acknowledge how awkward the awkwardness is.

I would say awkwardness is a more common occurrence than birthdays, and yet there are many, many birthday cards available, but until now no cards explicitly created for awkwardness.

You can use this card for any kind of awkward situation you like, or even carry one in your pocket to bring out and show people every time you find yourself in an awkward situation.

Or you could just use it when you forget someone’s birthday and need to give them a card slightly late…

A print of my illustration is mounted on a recycled kraft 280gsm card, with a matching kraft paper envelope.

The inside of the card is blank.

Also available as an A4 or A5 print.